Head Massage Special Offer

Updated: Jan 23

The sages of ancient times describe the human being as "having the roots on the top and branches below". The head is considered as the chief organ, that in which the sensory faculties and Prana (life force) reside.

Hence, it's no wonder that Ayurvedic health promotive and disease preventative practices involve taking utmost care of our roots to maintain brain-mind-body or neuropsychosomatic wellbeing for a productive longevity and spiritual growth.

From a treatment perspective, Ayurvedic head massages with special therapeutic oils are effective in relieving stress and tension, insomnia, anxiety, neurodegenerative and inflammatory conditions.

Ayurvedic herbal oil formulations are also wonderful for maintaining healthy follicles and lustrous hair, preventing premature greying, hair fall and alopecia.

Call or email to book a complimentary 15 mins Ayurvedic oil head massage. Learn about and experience the soothing and nurturing benefits of this simple and yet highly effective traditional self-care practice.

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