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Head Massage

Updated: Jan 11, 2021

The sages of ancient times describe the human body as an inverted tree, i.e. as “having the roots at the top and branches below”. Hence, the head acts as the roots of this tree, the chief organ in which the sensory faculties and Prana (life force) reside.

Just as healthy roots confer good health to the rest of the tree, we need to take care of our head to keep our body healthy.

Shiro-abhyanga is a specialized oil massage of the head targeting specific marmas (acupressure points) to promote balance in the nervous system and within the body.

Benefits of an Ayurvedic head massage:

  • relaxes the nervous system and eliminates fatigue caused by mental stress and strain

  • improves circulation thereby enhancing memory and concentration

  • reduces headaches and eye strain

  • relieves anxiety, induces a state of peace and promotes restful sleep

  • prevention of many psychosomatic disorders

  • combats scalp dryness and improves hair lustre

  • prevents hair loss, premature greying and balding

If you would like to experience the soothing and nurturing benefits of this simple and yet highly effective therapy, please book an appointment with Mamta.

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